ungrey-robins.ptrn - ungrey-robins mandatory domains pattern file




This manual page describes the format of the ungrey-robins(8) mandatory domains pattern ungrey-robins.ptrn file as following:

NOTE: whitespace, empty lines, and lines beginning with the # character must NOT be present. Refer to -f file in fgrep(1).

To whitelist spamdb(8) greylisted round robin servers which SMTP HELO from below a DNS domain, the line format is a dot, followed by the DNS domain name. For example:

If the mailing organisation deploys multiple hosts, which all SMTP HELO to spamd(8) with the same DNS multi-homed hostname, explicitly list that hostname. For example:

In all cases, the SMTP HELO hostname is used, not the SMTP FROM address's domain name. (An ISP or email provider may send mail on behalf of many domains.) Once realised (via checking spamd(8)'s syslog entries), this feature greatly reduces the number of entries required.


/etc/mail/ungrey-robins.ptrn mandatory domains pattern file.


For unprivileged, non-root usage, /etc/mail/ungrey-robins.ptrn needs to be (world) readable by the ungrey-robins(8) user, such as _spamd.


ungrey-robins(8), fgrep(1), spamdb(8), spamd(8), The sample logs/ in the source distribution.


Craig Skinner developed ungrey-robins, mostly in 2016. The ChangeLog file in the source distribution contains more information.